5 Way Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Looking for a dazzling smile but don’t want to invest the time and money in braces or other long term dental procedures? Veneers are a simple way to help you get the bright, impressive smile you’ve always wanted in just a few appointments. 

Veneers are thin custom shell coverings, usually made of porcelain, that goes on top of your teeth. They're made from an impression of your teeth, so they fit perfectly and are matched to the original stain-free color of your teeth. They mask several types of teeth and smile imperfections to help give you a beautiful smile. 

Here’s how veneers can address your dental needs:

Discolored teeth

Although there's a slew of whitening products out there, sometimes they still leave white spots on your teeth or leave them looking a little yellow or gray. Veneers ensure your visible teeth are all the same beautiful white shade.  

Chipped or cracked teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can degrade your smile. Veneers can improve a damaged tooth’s appearance without the need for a crown.

Gaps in teeth

Not interested in wearing braces to correct a long-time or new space issue between your teeth? Veneers are a quick fix for this issue. 

Crooked or misshapen teeth

There's little you can do to correct strangely shaped teeth that don’t fit with the rest of your teeth. Veneers are one of the few procedures that can help your misshaped tooth. 

Teeth that are too small

Let’s face it. Teeth that are too small are not attractive. If you have teeth that look like baby teeth, but you’re over 30, veneers can fix this “little” problem.

How do I get veneers?

You and your dentist will first decide how you want your new teeth to look. Together, you'll choose the size, shape, and color.

The first step to veneers is for your dentist to remove a thin front layer of your tooth enamel to make room for the veneers. Then, your dentist will take a mold of your teeth to create a set of veneers that perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. 

At this time, you’ll be sent home with a temporary set of veneers while your permanent ones are being made at a lab. When they’re ready, you come back for the final fitting and permanent application of your new veneers.

Are you interested in improving your smile and your appearance? Make an appointment with Dr. Scott Veal at Veal Dental in Dunwoody, Georgia, to find out more about veneers. You can also request an appointment online through our website.

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