4 Options For Whiter Teeth

After years of food and drink that can stain your teeth, like that coffee every morning to get you going, teeth can start to look a little dull and not as white than they used to. That is why many people turn to professional teeth whitening options found at the family dentist.

While the procedure for whitening teeth is fairly similar, there are several different options available to you. Below, let’s take a look at some of the more common whitening procedures.

Zoom! Chairside Whitening

This whitening procedure combines a 25% hydrogen based gel with the Zoom! chairside lamp that is said to speed up the whitening process. Throughout the procedure the gel is added to your teeth three times, usually about every 15 minutes. In between treatments the special lamp is shined on your teeth to make them even whiter.

Immediately after the treatment your teeth will be covered with a fluoride meant to treat sensitive teeth. As a follow up to the treatment the Zoom! system offers fitted trays and whitening gel to use at home to keep your teeth looking their best.

Opalescence Boost

This whitening solution does not require the use of a special light to activate the whitening powers. Instead, Opalescence Boost relies on its patented formula that contains 38% hydrogen and a special agent that helps to reduce sensitivity. Plus, the solution also contains fluoride to help boost the enamel strength of your teeth. The total time for this procedure is between 1-2 hours with no follow up at-home care needed to maintain your white smile.


This quick teeth whitening system is very similar to the Zoom! whitening system. The advantage of BriteSmile is that you can have the whitening procedure done either at the dentist or at standalone BriteSmile centers. In the procedure, a 15-25% hydrogen gel is applied to the teeth in 15 minute intervals.

The gel also contains soothing glycerin and water to help reduce the dehydration effects to the teeth. While the gel is sitting on the teeth a blue light is used to expedite the whitening procedure. The light is designed to reach all areas of the teeth leaving you with a perfectly white smile. The procedure usually will take about one hour.

Sapphire Professional

If you are prone to sensitive teeth and gums then this whitening option might be the best for you. The gel contains 25% hydrogen but also contains a desensitizing material to sooth sensitive teeth and gums. A light called a whitening crystal is used for about 30 minutes, shined directly onto the front of the teeth. The gel and desensitizer are cleaned from the teeth and the dentist checks to see how the whitening process is coming along. If necessary, another 30 minute treatment will be applied to the teeth.

If you are interested in a whiter and brighter smile give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions and help find a whitening treatment that will best fit your needs. Check out our website at vealdentalcare.com to learn what services we offer.

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